Why Join Us

There are a lot of benefits for your children to join a league here's a few reasons:

It helps them to stay physically active

They develop social skills, self esteem, and confidence

Invigorates friendly competition

Make some new friends

Proven to improve academic success


A little on Little League

Little League started in 1938 with just 3 teams. Founded by Carl Stotz who made a promise for children to be able to live their dream of playing baseball in a professional type of structure. Little league has grown no doubt over the 80 years and now is played in over 80 countries with a total of over 180,000 teams!

About Us

The Southern Storm (formally Smithton Storm) is a non profit that was founded on the basis of wanting to provide a more competitive atmosphere for those baseball loving kids. This was all constructed for the kids by a parent who loves the game himself. We do everything to focus on these kids, give them the best experience possible while also giving back to our local community.

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